Nathan Harris

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skeleton from thailandBurial with grave goods from Ban Non Wat, Thailand.

Currently working for Dr. Sian Halcrow as an Assistant Research Fellow writing articles in relation to her research investigating health change in prehistoric Mainland Southeast Asia with the intensification of agriculture. I have experience working in the field as both a bioarchaeologist and an archaeologist. The majority of my fieldwork has been carried out as a square supervisor working on the project Environmental Change and Society Before Angkor: Ban Non Wat and the Upper Mun River Catchment in Prehistory led by Dr. Nigel Chang from the James Cook University. I completed my Masters research in 2010 in which I applied the archaeothanatology method to previously excavated burials from Ban Non Wat and from which derives the below publication:

Harris, N. J. and Tayles, N. (2012) Burial containers – A hidden aspect of mortuary practices: Archaeothanatology at Ban Non Wat, Thailand. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 31:227-239.