Completed Theses and Dissertations

This page contains an archive of completed theses and dissertations written by students enrolled in Anthropology. Each item is available to read in our departmental library, and the MA and PhD theses can be interloaned from the University Library. Click to expand items and view the abstract of each completed work.


PhD Theses



MSc Theses


BA(Hons) Dissertations

  • Browne, Patrick, 2010. Paleopathology in four skeletons from Bronze Age 2 at Ban Non Wat.
  • Dudley, Neil, 2010. Field anthropology at Namu: The mortuary practices of a Polynesian Outlier.
  • Dyer, Danielle, 2012. Ban Non Wat: Analysis of subadult biological sex and their burial goods.
  • Foster, Aimee, 2007. Pottery production and markers of occupational stress: Musculoskeletal stress markers and osteoarthritis in two Pacific Island skeletal samples.
  • King, Charlotte L., 2009. “For dust you are and to dust you shall return”: The chemical evaluation of diagenesis in the burials of Ban Non Wat, Thaland.
  • Mann, Sarah, 2007. The people of Taumako: The health and wealth of a Polynesian Outlier.
  • McLeod, Nicola, 2010. Pathological conditions in a cluster of burials at the site of Ban Non Wat, Northeast Thailand.
  • Shaw, Ben, 2007. The potential use of strontium isotopes as an indicator of mobility in Lapita populations in the Pacific Islands: Problems and solutions.
  • Trilford, Danielle M., 2010. Oral health as a reflection of diet in Archaic Palliser Bay, New Zealand.
  • Ward, Stacey, 2009. Lead and copper at prehistoric Ban Non Wat: Helpful or harmful?


PGDipSc Dissertations